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Vaagbhata Online Course

    Training Of Sushruta Samhita Sutra 3 : वाक्सौष्ठवे अर्थविज्ञाने प्रागल्भ्ये

  • How to read with Shuddha Uchcharana : वाक्सौष्ठवे

  • Analysis of Sentence / Shloka Given : अर्थविज्ञाने

  • Understanding the content unambiguously : अर्थविज्ञाने

  • Technique to hunt parallel / allied cross-references : प्रागल्भ्ये

  • Explanation of Shloka / Sentence alongwith similar references from Charaka, Sushruta & Ashtaanaga Sangraha & Teeka-s thereon : प्रागल्भ्ये

  • Online On Your PC / Laptop / Android-iOs Mobile,
    With Good Internet Speed
    ( Any Day On Your Convenient Time )


Rs. 2250/- For Full Course

No Installments Are Available For This Course

Pay Rs. 2250/-

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